Meet Jen, the founder.

Born in Canada I traveled and worked after finishing a degree in my hometown. Having always loved the busy, buzzy atmosphere of a cafe owing my own has always been a hope. It was working in a restaurant whilst living in the beautiful ski-resort town of Queenstown, N.Z. that I met my partner and which led me to the gentle rolling green hills of England.

For 15 years I dedicated myself to state education but soon lost heart after having my own children, wanting to have a career that would be able to work around family life. We had our beloved Bay-window camper - Dylan and had spent many years roaming the country which gave us a seed of an idea. Could we turn a camper into a mobile bar or cafe? We noted the reaction we got in our van driving round. Smiles, waves, photos… these campers are so loved. They bring such a smile to people’s faces! We are told endless memories of family holidays, honeymoons, camping trips… They seem to represent a warm feeling of imperfect human togetherness. So we started our research and that is when we found our May.

May and I have been a team ever since and there is not a time that I don’t start her up without a smile on my face. It’s like saying good morning to a reliable old work friend. We both have scratches and bruises from a life of work but still manage to connect with people wherever we go. She is the vehicle that delivers my enthusiasm for quality coffee for all. No snobbery, no hipsters, no pretense … just a belief that there is pleasure in a good cup and that is a treat that is afforded to everyone, wherever you are.


“Couldn’t recommend you highly enough but we will try...”

“What an absolutely fantastic day. We shared our special day with our good friends and family- and it was great that you played a part in the day for us. Coffees, hot chocolates and cakes, all of the were such a big success. May was also a really big hit, All the guests, and ourselves, enjoyed the treats. You made organising really easy and it was a pleasure to work with you. Thanks again for all your work and seeing your smile from under the trees was great. Couldn’t recommend you highly enough, but we will try…”

— S.B..