The Story of May. 

Our show-stopper of a van was born in 1965 in Wolfsburg, Germany, and started life as a bread delivery vehicle for the local byckerei (German bakery). She then became a family camper in Poland, before being shipped over to England in 2005 to reside in Malvern. There she was restored by a VW enthusiast and spent several years as a show car. In 2013, she became a unique working van again and was converted to the mobile café that she is today. 

Beautiful May allows us to bring warming coffee and sumptuous baked goods to you. Our team of skilled baristas take to the streets at local events and festivals. We work with the best coffee beans, which have been roasted to perfection locally. Our food and drinks are fresh, homemade and delicious and can be tailored to suit any situation or season. Pimms, Victoria sponge cake and sweets for the summer; spiced pumpkin soup and toffee apples in autumn; mulled wine, Baileys, coffee and minced pies for winter. If you have an idea, we can make it happen for your special day or event.


“Massive thank you.”

”Massive thank you to Jen this weekend for attending Gifted at The National Centre for Craft and Design. We had some lovely comments about your VW and great service!

— K.L.